Our Project


Integrated Katingan Project consist of several independent and profitable projects, ranging from upline to downline process which its integration make all the project get its ultimate strength of being most efficient and most profitable.

The Coal Mining Project is among the lowest production cost mine site as its Stripping Ratio base on the valid JORC drilling Report is only 1: 1.48. Its Huge reserve assure the sufficient fuel supply for the Power Plant Projects which will guarantee the power need of the industries demand. Its Reserve base on mapping in 3,000 Hectares (about 33% of concession wide) is above 300 million Metric tonnes. The valid scout drilling in 1,710 hectares (about only 19 % of concession wide) assure the resources 151 millions tonnes. And the JORC drilling report in only 550 Hectares (6% of the concession wide) assure the mineable reserve 42 millions tonnes.

The Power Plant Projects, not only a very interesting project with the secured income from the State Owned Electric company (PLN), its most profitable as well benefiting from the lower production cost for its lower coal price, while in other side benefiting higher Power Purchase Price from Government as its located in less electric supply area. The mine mouth Power plant are giving the mining project a very best profit as well, which enable the mining project to profit more than non mine mouth mining sites.

The Palm Oil Plantation Projects, a part of food estate projects to prepare future food security for the country, it will be an integrated project together with cassava and other food plantation. The wide area of 56,000 ha with integrated concept with cattle fattening will also produce sufficient and sustainable meat supply for the developed area.

The Industrial Forest Plantation and Industry Projects, is a kind of the replanting of the forest are with the industrial commodity like rubber tree, and other kind of trees which is able to be used for both industrial need and as well to provide long security supply of power from the Biomass Power Plants.

The Railroad Project, not only helping the mining project to transport the excess supply to the market through open sea port owned by the company, and getting its captive market from the company owned mining project, but its independently helping other miner to transport their mining products and getting benefit to profit more from it. The products are not only coal with its billions tonnes reserve in the Regency, but other mining products of Iron ore, bauxite ore, copper and others which is at same time supporting the downline projects of Industries to have their raw material supply secured.

The Open Sea Port Project owned by the company, will be an infrastructure to ship the end products of the industries and independently is a profit center selling its service to all industries in all surrounding regencies like Gunungmas regency and Murungraya Regency which have a vast natural resources but have no sea access except shipping through the Sea port operated by the company in Katingan Regency.

The Smelter Industrial Estate Project which is near the sea port and passed through by the railway operated by the company, will be a very interesting industrial estate for the smelter companies for its very strategic location: easy access to raw material from the same and surrounding regencies by the available railroad and even to raw material from other island or abroad as its position near to the sea port which give them easy access to ship their end product abroad for export. The guarantee of power supply is the vital interest of the smelter industries which is only available here in the country. The availability to infrastructure mostly face the problem of environment and inhabitant issues as the infrastructure mostly only available in the densled area, but environment and inhabitant is not an issue here as the area is less inhabited and located in rural area.

The Agribusiness and Manufacturing Industrial Estate Project is to accommodate government interest to create value added to its vast natural resources, while Katingan regency and all other regencies in Central Kalimantan province are rich of wood, rattan, rubber and other forestry products. Its fertile soil and abundance wide area is a home of future food reserve with a wide plantation of Palm oil, Cassava, rice, corn and other food plantation and farming product like cattle and chicken. The Industrial estate is a central place for further processing of all those plantations and farms. The abundance land, raw material, low land price and easy access to infrastructure is the reason to invest agribusiness and manufacturing industries in the estate.

The Aggregate Quarry (Stone Crusher) owned by the company, both in Java and Borneo island will be the substantial part of company and becoming its fundamental to provide material for the infrastructure of the whole infrastructure projects ranging from hauling road, railroad, industrial estate and sea port.

The Asphalt Mixing Plant owned by the company, both in Java and Borneo island will be providing the paving material for the company infrastructure projects and at same time supplying government infrastructure projects in the surrounding company area.

This integrated projects, is just a dream come true when it can be realized, not only for the owner of the company, but also for the country. And be a support to the world to provide better way of life by preparing high quality products with affordable price. Benefiting the nature with responsible process. Benefiting by giving others a better value.
Asep Sulaeman Sabanda - President Director